Who is the Wu Xing Academy for?

Whether new to the art or experienced our friendly academy has something for everyone. Our students range in age from 16 to 70 and come from all kinds of backgrounds.
Although we teach the indepth aspects and the key principles of Gong Fu and Taji, Yin­Yang Expression, 64 Sections of the Body, Fa Li & Fa Jin, 5 Elements Qi Gong our training is well paced and practical for Self Defense. If new to martial arts don't worry our training will be tailored to your level and our friendly approach encourages peer support and cooperation. Our training schedule changes with each season and so our training is varied and always works to aid the health of our students, this is one of our most important principles! Having joined the class you will notice your physical fitness and mental wellbeing improve steadily through our adaptive martial and mental training.

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Wu Xing Academy

Who we are

We are a group of friendly, happy people that meet together regularly to train in order to achieve total freedom in body and mind. Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness exercises developed for radiant internal health we cultivate suppleness and stability with the self-sufficiency of a calm, clear mind. We approach the martial arts with an open mind, building on the eclectic teachings and support of our teachers, including Ismet Himmet, Jakob Isaksson and Norman Török, and drawing on the inspiration of teachers such as John Barbary, who have furthered our martial development. The martial arts are frequently practiced as empty forms – physical movements bereft of meaning, power, and understanding. Such movements may look impressive but without proper body structure and attention to physical and internal conditioning, mindfulness, and deliberate, purposeful control of the entire body in each movement and how this creates the martial applications suggested in each movement these movements lack meaning and effectiveness. We study the fighting arts deeply and systematically, building a deep understanding of how the body and mind can work in union to unlock their natural spontaneity and creativity. Our fighting system is the expression of unpredictable, fluid movement and power developed from the relaxed movement of the whole body to slip unnoticed past an opponent’s defences, neutralise, disrupt, control and, if necessary, destroy. Ultimately this focus can help overcome the only opponent you have to overcome to achieve your freedom – yourself!

Wu Xing Academy

Our Aims

Our mission at the Wuxing Academy is to reach out and help anyone improve their ability to respond to the challenges of life and to join us in finding new ways to overcome adversity and rediscover health, balance, peace of mind and to have fun. We practice a combination of authentic, traditional Chinese internal health, martial arts and meditation with a syllabus that cycles in harmony with the seasons, including Wudang Taiji and Gong Fu, Xing Yi, Nei Dan, Nei Jia, Daoist Yoga, Meditation/Mindfulness, Massage Therapy, Wu Xing Nei Gong Yang style Tai Chi and Weapons. Controlled, rhythmic, flowing movements produce a strong, relaxed body and a gentle awareness of the self that allows the mind to find its own way to balance. Eventually, it becomes possible to discover and express your true nature through meditation and movement. Whatever you need you can find it here while developing a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Wu Xing Nei Gong

We are the only school of the five animals system in the UK, a martial art created at the Daoist monasteries in Wudang Shan, China. Each of the five animals (crane,snake,tiger,turtle,snake) is associated with one of the five Chinese elements. Just as the five elements in Chinese philosophy create and overcome one another in an endless cycle, the five animals create openings for and reliably overcome one another in sequence, teaching how attacks with different qualities flow and interact. These exercises including the thirteen pillars develop core and lower body strength, stability, stamina, improve the circulation and nourish the joints, eventually developing internal power. Each animal is learnt first as qi/nei gong to develop balance, poise and fitness, then they are learnt internally with reference to the six harmonies representing the Feng Shui of the body, and finally as an efficient and effective applied martial art.

How We Train

We train using a number of different styles including Xuan Wu Quan, Wudang Taiji, Meditation/Mindfulness, Xing Yi, Yang style Tai Chi and Weapons. and Wu Xing Nei Gong using a wide variety of training methods unique to our system to release tension, allowing you to move in a relaxed manner with tremendous agility, speed, poise and balance. You will learn to relax deeply and still the mind, move more quickly and easily, and develop great flexibility, posture and strength through gentle yet rigorous exercises.

Those just joining us study alongside all our more experienced students, with everyone training together in every class, learning, revising and refining their skills together. We find this benefits everyone because while beginners can learn from their more advanced peers, there is never a beginner who does not bring something interesting others can learn from. Many of our classes specialise in developing resilient good health, while in others we round out our study by practising the potent martial applications of the martial arts we study, so if you want to start your journey learning only the Chinese internal health arts or applied martial arts, it is easy to find a class to suit you.

Read more about our instructor WU DAO (Cristian Lopez) and the history of the Xuan Wu Clan.


Wu Xing Nei Gong.


Classes start from £5 pay as you go. Our beginners Tai Chi classes include 5 lessons a week for £45 per month when you choose to pay monthly in advance. First lesson free. So please feel welcome to come along!

If you want to come along and visit us just send us a message or drop us a line! Contact us


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Wu Dao (Cristian Lopez)

Our teacher, Cristian lopez (Daoist name “Wu Dao”) has over thirty years of experience in the internal martial and healing arts, including Taiji, Tui Na (Chinese massage), meditation, and other Chinese internal health arts. He has enjoyed a varied career working as an actor in the circus and theatre, as a drama therapist, teacher, and instructor. Throughout his extensive career in theatre anthropology, physical theatre and dance, he never ceased his lifelong fascination with the martial and internal health arts and the benefit they could offer society.

Cristian has devoted his life to helping others less fortunate. For most of his life he has worked with refugee children, through drama therapy and Chinese internal health arts. Cristian has also worked with vulnerable adults, health industries, the NHS, Schools, colleges, university sports centres, and cultural centres around the UK and abroad. Nowadays, Cristian works alongside schools, the NHS, Councils, and volunteers at a recovery centre for drug and alcohol abuse. He is devoted completely to helping others from vulnerable groups and the community as a whole, both to alleviate immediate suffering and in pursuit of a better, happier world.

Captivated at the young age of 12 by a martial arts sticker album he discovered, left behind by a previous occupant in his new home he knew his destiny was written for him. Since then he has trained continuously for over thirty years in a variety of martial arts under instructors such as Enrique Quiroz (Karate, Gojo Ryu and Kenpo), Yang Hong (Original Family Yang Style Taiji), Chen Lei (Chen style Taiji), Ismet Himmet, Master Tan Li Long, Master Shi Fei, John Barbery, Norman Torok, Jacob Isaksson, as well as Peter Jones, Earl Montague and Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang (Chen Style).

Cristian’s martial expertise is informed by his extensive studies Theatre Anthropology including studying Peking Opera and other arts that formed some of the original underpinnings of the Chinese martial arts, as well as his former work as a Circus Clown and Actor. Now with more than thirty years experience, Cristian is an experienced teacher with a unique understanding of the Chinese internal health and martial arts. In 2000, he founded the first Wudang martial arts school in the UK, “Wudang Principles UK”, and has hosted events taught by world renowned martial arts masters. In 2015, this same school continues under its new name of the Wuxing Academy.



Jakob Isaksson

Jakob Isaksson, 16th generation Wudang Pai & Head Instructor for Wudang Pai Sweden

Jakob Isaksson has studied martial arts since he was young. After a career as a professional dancer he turned more and more towards Chinese medicine and Taiji Quan. In 2008 he went on his first trip to China and after that this has been his life.

Jakob studied Kung Fu in China the traditional way. First year was temple-life followed by swordplay studies in Shanghai. After winning a Silver and Bronze medal at the World Traditional Wushu Championships in Shi'yan City, he was selected into the "Guang Zhou University professional Wushu Team". During this time he studied a 1 year Sports Coach Program travelling and performing with some of the best athletes in south China. In the end of his long stay he went back to the mountain one last season and was initiated into Wudang Pai as a 16th generation lineage holder, under master Tang Li Long, together with Kung Fu brother Simon Brunström, Malmö.

Jakob now works in Sweden promoting traditional kung fu and chinese culture. He is teaching classes, doing treatments and is also a strong force in reforming the Swedish Kung Fu and Wushu Federation.

Living Harmony & Internal Health

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy.
Lao Tzu

Regular practice balances the internal organs, opens the joints, improves the flow of blood and energy through the body and develops strength, stability, co‐ordination and flexibility and makes the mind both more sensitive and resilient. This quiet focus will allow you to appreciate, understand, challenge and eventually overcome the obstacles to health and happiness in your own mind and body. It encourages the mind to find its own way to balance, and to remain calm, adaptable and resilient in the face of adversity.

Health syllabus

Daoist Health

Five Animal Martial System

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
Lao Tzu

The martial techniques that we train in the classroom transcend several lineages and traditions, combining ancient classical forms with modern mixed internal martial arts. We use traditional training methods to develop an intuitive system of effective and efficient self defense techniques alongside clear awareness and robust martial instincts. The martial arts we practice include Xing Yi Quan, Xuan Wu Quan, Wu Xing Nei Jia, Wudang Taiji and Yang Ban Hou Taiji. We are also studying the long “gun” (or “bo”) staff in our Xing Yi lessons on Mondays.

Wu Xing Academy has its roots in the original Wudang Xuan Wu Pai (Dark Warrior) lineage of Chinese internal martial arts, one of the eight Wudang lineages from which all other styles of Taiji developed. Characterised by movements of the Daoist five animals, our lineage is characterised by the interplay of the snake and turtle, and is famous for its robust stances, well guarded movements and using soft, internal spirals to develop both rapid, soft, threading power and hard, explosive strikes.

Martial arts syllabus

Wudang Kung Fu

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Wu Xing Nei Gong.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any enquiry you might have about what we do. Beginners and interested newcomers are welcome at any class, if you're not sure which class you would like to come along to, please get in touch.

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Wu Xing Academy

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